Bluetea as Butterfly pea Tea

Bluetea as Butterfly pea tea is renowned for the use of natural medicine, some of the dubious effect and used all over word. To improve health and stay relaxed for your daily routine, Ginseng and Ginger are used in tea so that it will give a colour of blue with pleasureable aroma.

Importance of Bluetea


BlueTea also know butterfly pea tea is a hot drink made from steeping the dried bluepea flower in water. it is caffeine free tea and taste floral.Blue tea is a combination blue raspberry with a blend of bluepea flower,Green tea leaves andfreshly dried raspberries which bring a sweeter and fruity taste to the blue tea

History of BlueTea


Bluetea is made of clitorea ternatea plant. The origion of Bluetea is from south east asia and is commonly enjoyed in countries such as thailand and taiwan. Bluetea mixed with honey and lemon help us to make us relaxed and healthy.Bluetea also known as "Nam dok Anchan is served in spa in foreign countries. Other Ingredient such as Ginger, cinnamon, mint, passion fruit can be used as additional.Blue tea also tasted as woody flavour.Blue pea flower with orange peels give you a blue pea tea

Benefit of BlueTea

Benefit of blue tea

Antioxidant Properties

Blue tea has lot of anti-oxidants which help us filght with various disease. It help in reducing premature ageing. Help in Detox the body once in a while.

Anti-Diabetic properties

A cup of blue tea taken between meal will inhibit the intake of Glucose from the diet and help in lower blood sugar. It also help the body to Lower Risk of Infection. It also also helpful for Heart Health.

Energizes and boots brain activities

A cup of Blue Tea are very good for Skin and Hair. This tea has many Vitamins and Minerals which help to keep your Hair and Skin look great and keep them away from ageing.

lower the risk of Cancer

Blue Pea Flower are enrich of anti-oxidants which help in preventing of damage of cells and also lesser the risk of all type of type of cancer.

Treats diabetes

Blue Tea is very beneficial for Type II Diabeties. It Basically obsure glucose intake from the food.