White Tea

White Tea is famous for its natural blend and aroma of its presence.The Leaves and Bud of White Tea are harvested firm the tea plant before oxidized and quickly dried which make this tea delicate taste and fresh tea.White Tea are non oxidized and keep them in wither and dry in a carefully environmentwhich result in most delicate and fresh like a garden tea. White tea is pae in color with golden liquid with has fresh delicated flavour. Some Buds are used to keep in a sun for less time so to dry themselfes and some are dry in low heat to oxidized quickly to stop oxidation.

Importance of White tea

White Tea

White tea as compare to other tea is much sweeter and delicate in flavour.It has high nutritional values and drunk with no milk.It has lower caffeine as compare to other tea.The flavour of White Tea is very mild and it is sweet ans silky.

History of White Tea


White Tea was originated in china in 1700 centuary. They are usually high in oxidation and low in caffeine.In pasy year white tea is only for Emporer and royal family as it consider to be very expensive tea at thar time.

Benefits of White Tea

Rich in Anti-Oxidants

It protect the cell from damage and help in health benefits

Reduce the Risk of Heart

It help to reduce the risk of heart diseaases

Protect Teeth From Bacteria

White tea help to Strength the teeth by fighting bacteria and sugar. This combination of give strengthen to teeth to fighting against bacteria and sugar.

Fight Against Cancer

white tea may have anti-cancer effect.

Lower the risk of inslution

It lower the risk of insulin resistance.it help move nutrients from bloodstream into the cell and help in reducing the effect of insulin.

Protect against Osteoporosis

Tt help in reducing in health condition damage wich make bone hollow and porous.

White Tea helps in Weight Loss

White tea also help in Weight Loss. it is a good source of caffeine that helps the body burn fat and boost body metabolism